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A Note from Our Team: EPH is temporarily freezing our 2020 publication schedule to dedicate time and resources toward creating Covid19 resources. We understand how important it is to support families during this time and to make information accessible, even to the youngest minds. We are committed to helping children understand, process, and cope with the many changes unfolding around them. The entire collection of Covid19 resources will be reviewed by medical professionals to ensure content accuracy and developmental appropriateness.

Our goal…

is to support age appropriate conversations about the pandemic through an engaging medium that will help children understand, adapt to, and cope with Covid19 developments. By working with a team of experts across various medical, artistic, and scientific fields, we hope to help combat the spread of misinformation. We also aim to increase the accessibility of public health information through our stories.

Published Works

From the imaginations of public health specialist Sarah Legare and animator Frank Pichel comes Quarantine Cat, a quirky kitten coping with change in the face of a pandemic. With bold colors and a retro flair, this rhyming resource is perfect for children ages 4-8. Alongside Quarantine Cat, kids will learn to identify preventive health measures, engage in safe practices, and exercise emotional awareness during a trying and uncertain time.

This title is available in print on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble. The eBook is available on Kindle, coming soon to Apple and Google Books.

Join young Sarah, the daughter of healthcare workers, as she embarks on an adventure from home with her friend, Plant Pru. Together, they learn how to protect themselves from a dangerous army of germs. We Did it Together is a vibrant children’s book that weaves a story of hope during the uncertainty of a global pandemic. Sarah’s story is the first book from architect & illustrator Kamala Nair.

This title is available in print on Amazon. The eBook is will be available soon on Kindle.

Forthcoming Titles

  • Talia and the Tiny T Cells
  • Henry the Hedgehog and the Hysterical Hullabaloo
  • Dani Stays Home
  • A Bat’s Eye View: Vectors & Viruses

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