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About Us

Sarina, Senior Publisher
Gabby, Marketing Director
Kalyani, Editor in Chief


…is EPH’s publisher as well as an avid tea-drinker, reader, and lover of baking shows. As the founder of EPH, Sarina wears many hats, from working directly with authors to assisting final layout. She is passionate about interdisciplinary work, and she started EPH with the goal of creating resources that improve the accessibility of academia. She hopes to start a tradition at EPH of creating a space for interdisciplinary work in children’s and young adult literature. Sarina is a junior in college, and she studies Creative Writing on a Pre-Health track.


…earned a position at EPH after countless hours spent with Sarina, putting up with questions like, “What do you think of…?” and “Well what if…” and sometimes “Do you think I’ll die if I drink any more caffeine?” Gabby helped found EPH, and she graciously tackles marketing and promotion. As a junior in undergrad, she studies Psychology and History.


…was born and raised in Austin, Texas, an upbringing she is proud to claim, even though she currently lives in Atlanta, where she studies Linguistics and Creative Writing. In her free time, she enjoys trying new recipes and attending poetry readings. She currently serves on the EPH logistics board as both a developmental and copy editor. 

Behind the Scenes

EPH is proud to work with a robust network of professionals and students from varying disciplines, without whom our work would not be possible. We are extremely grateful for their contributions, including checking for content accuracy and developmental appropriateness.

For help on our Covid Collection project, we would like to extend a special thanks to our anonymous beta readers as well as the medical professionals who generously agreed to review our books for content accuracy.

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